2017 -Romantic Renaissance Symphonic Rock Music for Cinema in Performance of the Riviera Symphony Orchestra


This album presents the best works by Revenko performed by the symphony orchestra. Compositions from previous albums were orchestrated and recorded in the studio. Conditionally, the album presents three areas in which Revenko works: romantic symphonies, symphonies and Renaissance themes. The album consists of 11 pieces. Like the orchestral program itself, this product is designed for European and world consumers and can be performed both in stadiums and other large venues, as well as at balls and royal pricassades for the elite public.

1. The last fairy tale.


3. Magic.


5. The road.

6. Waltz.

7. The dance of the wind.

8. The ballerina.

9. The turn of the universe.

10. Battle.

11. Walking through Europe.

2015 - Gate of the Universe


For five years, Alexei Revenko was looking for a new aesthetics for his next studio album. This work is the result of many philosophical findings and images. Different in nature songs: from guitar romance, gravitating towards classicism to space music and symphonic music, are connected by a common philosophy of cognition of the universe and being in it. In terms of its content and mood, the "Gate of the Universe" is a large-scale philosophical canvas, the colors of which embody the content of the world and show the way to harmony. The album was recorded at Aleksey Revenko's own studio.

1.Gates of Universe

2.Turn of events

3.Last fairy tale


5.Calm the soul

6. The road


8.Going to the edge of the world





2013 - Hostage of everyday life


The album "Hostage of everyday life" belongs to the number of concert halls. It consists of concert recordings of selected performances at stadiums and clubs. In this album you can hear folk-rock, new age and also avant-garde, which is rarely found in Revenko Band's repertoire. It was in the avant-garde part of the album that the musicians tried to depict the dependence of a person on society, lack of freedom in choice and constant circulation in a circle. In fact, the avant-garde component of the "Hostage of everyday life" is a reflection on human frailty and meaninglessness. The works written in folk-rock and new-age are more energetic and optimistic. Here, "Revenko Band" are traditional in a multicolored palette of sound colors and moods - images organically flow from one to another, musical instruments with magic ease are integrated into a single idea

1. Inspiration

2. Catching for luck

3. Halliday

4.East Prelude

5.Express from the East to Christmas

6. Visit to the late night

7. The contemplation of the sea

9. Morning in Highlands village

8. The Great Road

10. Round the clock is a hostage

2012 - Come into my ocean


Go into my ocean belongs to the number of zalnyh albums. The collective chose the best performances from different concerts and made the layout of the record. It was due to the fact that there is no limit to the musical fantasy of instrumentalists. besides many works the musicians compose on the go. Only one track from this album is a studio recording. This is "Walking through Europe". The composition was composed by Alexei Revenko in his youth, and by some coincidence, was not included in the first instrumental album of the band - "Bliss", 2003 edition. The remaining tracks are live performances from the festivals "Jazz-Koktebel", (2011), "Yednist", (2010) and from the concert, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of "REVENKO BAND", which was held on October 20, 2011 in Kiev. In the album the bandura performed by Ekaterina Sidorenko is unordinary and original. In many compositions the soul motives of the saxophonist Alexei Smirnov dominate. Also exotic Vietnamese flute in the composition "Vietnamese train" is presented. The recordings are valuable for the live sound of percussion performed by Nikolai Grechka, who recently entered REVENKO BAND and introduced a special bright novelty into the collective, as well as the jeweled sound of the violoncello performed by Anna Otchik.

1. About what my president is silent.

2. The heart of beauty.

3. Walking through Europe.

4. Mutiny.


6. Stylization for medieval Ukraine.

7. Improvisation of the soul.

8. Vietnamese train.

9. Get into my ocean.

10. A hot day.

11.Why did you wake me up.


2011-Piano Handling of Selected Works


Piano works of the best works by Alexei Revenko are performed by pianist Dmitry Kirnos. Absolutely different in style and spirit, the compositions are played in the new age, sometimes with elements of the lounge and modern.

1. Story of a Wanderer.

2. The heart of beauty.

3. Dream.

4. Going to confession.

5. Walking through Europe.

6. Harmony.

7. Romance.

8. Expansion.

9. The ballerina.

10. The puzzle.

11. Dawn.

12. Ordinary story.

13. Fantasies of a sleepy tornado.

14. Equilibrium.

2010 - The Heart of Beauty


"Heart of beauty" is the sixth instrumental album of the group "REVENKO BAND". Each new album of composer Alexey Revenko creates new consonances by using different tools, and gives the listener a different conception of themselves and the philosophy of music. In this album you can hear the bandura, which is commonly associated with Ukrainian melos, mandolin, saxophone, flute, guitar and piano. The concept of the "heart of beauty" - the awakening of the light of deep human feelings of tenderness, the condition in which it is born harmony. This is an attempt to display musical means of expression, the perfection of nature, the gifts of earth and sky who are near us every day, every second, and live in us. As the chords to show happiness and spiritual joy? This was the task of writing this album.Major works: "Rain in Saint Petersburg", "Smile my girl", "homage to Ritchie Blackmore", "Intrigue", "Apogee of the soul", "Heart of beauty", "Ukraine". When loud by its nature the saxophone tenderly tenderly lustfully accompanies the quiet brooding bandura fine or thin, as the soul itself, violins, perforce produces new forms of creation and perception. And I want to disagree with the popular opinion that everything has long been played. No! There is a lot of new and unknown! And, above all, in the secret depths of the soul. And the music - only display. And Vice versa. Each new plexus of certain musical instruments creates a completely different image, a new world. Major works: "Rain in Saint Petersburg", "Smile my girl", "homage to Ritchie Blackmore", "Intrigue", "Apogee of the soul", "Heart of beauty", "Ukraine". When loud by its nature the saxophone tenderly tenderly lustfully accompanies the quiet brooding bandura fine or thin, as the soul itself, violins, perforce produces new forms of creation and perception. And I want to disagree with the popular opinion that everything has long been played. No! There is a lot of new and unknown! And, above all, in the secret depths of the soul. And the music - only display. And Vice versa. Each new plexus of certain musical instruments creates a completely different image, a new world. There is in this album and appeal to the deep roots of its people, its history. The song "Slavic land" similar to a kind of battle, stretched in time through the centuries. Tender beauty and pain of Ukraine, or lost, whether wholly and sincerely reached out their hands to the sky, displayed in the final album artwork "Ukraine". "Apogee of the soul" performed by the bandura and guitar - light flowing and unstoppable."Dawn" is the personification of simplicity, purity and depth. And the song "Heart of beauty" as a common thread between human souls, bringing harmony is born the entire vast world.

1.Rain in St. Petersburg.

2.The smile of my girls.

3.Dedication To Ritchie Blackmore.


5.The Slavic lands.


7.The apogee of the soul.




11.Fantasy sleepy tornado.


13.Going to confession.

14.Heart of beauty.


2009 -View Creator


This album is the embodiment of Alexei Revenko's new idea - guitar and piano. Two bright instruments, woven together by true professionals, are a single organism. Each note, every barely perceptible sound reflects the subtle world from which we emerged and which sometimes descends from heaven to each of us. It should be noted that the idea itself - guitar and piano - like many of Revenko's ideas, is an innovation. Neither in Europe, nor in Russia, nor in Ukraine there is no such project. Probably, for this reason, the musicians ambiguously called one of the tracks '' Arizona started here ''. Revenko worked with several pianists to select a suitable musician who could master the task, not simple in its depth, for whom the philosophy of the Sculptor of the View is close. The choice of Revenko fell on Dmitry Kirnos - a musician of high level of improvisation, subtle perception and sensuality. Already today, according to many music critics, Dmitry Kirnos is one of the best pianists in Ukraine, not only as a performer, but also as a composer. The album is supplemented by three bonuses - new works by Alexei Revenko, recorded together with Dmitry Kirnos and defining the vector of development of this creative union. "Sculptor glance" - because we did not just write, but tried to model the music space, and once again wanted to show that music is not composed of sounds, but from pauses. And the most interesting, all the works were composed and recorded on the go. At the same time, we musicians played together for the first time. This was the idea and purpose of this album. We wanted to create our music from the purest, just come down from the sky, just born of feelings. We have immersed ourselves in the state that shapes our view of many things. That's how our duo was born. "

1.Delta plan

2.After the corrida

3.Heart - to - heart talk

4.Did not finish

5.Another heart - to - heart talk

6.View Creator (dedicated to O. Ostapenko)

7.Try to reach me

8.Your eyes in emerald light

9.House of cigars

10.Arizona began here

11.Chaos installation

2008 - Instrumental versions of songs by DDT


For the first time the best tracks of the group DDT in the instrumental version. Such processing of the song "the father of Russian rock" was first exposed. The complete set of instruments, including percussion and basses, as well as violin, mandolin, cello and flute is used in the performance of compositions. Others are performed only on the piano. The album included the unconditional hits of the band, created by Yuri Shevchuk during the last 25 years. Music better than words conveys mood and emotions. The instrumental plate confirms this. Contrary to the skeptics' opinion, good music did not die with Tchaikovsky and Chopin. Sometimes behind words one can not see splendid chords. This disc will open new facets of creativity Yuri Shevchuk. He transformed the hits of DDT into instrumental Alexei Revenko with the approval of Shevchuk. Now Russian rock appears on the new side, more melodic and subtle than in the usual sound. This is not heavy music, but also not a classic. A kind of transitional option, pleasantly amazes people who never paid tribute to all the musical potential of Russian rock. "Instrumental versions of songs by DDT"

1. Revolution

2. What is Autumn

3. Wind

4. In the last fall

5. Premonition of the Civil War

6. Trouble

7. Do not shoot

8. I lit all the candles in the churches

9. Whistled

10. You're not alone

11. Crows

12. Snowstorm

2007 - Flight to the History


There are concerts that remain in memory for a long time. This was the concert "REVENKO BAND" March 29, 2007 at the National Music Academy of Ukraine. P.I. Tchaikovsky. In the first section of the concert instrumental covers of DDT hits were sounded, as a separate new program. But in the second department the best musical compositions of the composer and guitarist Alexei Revenko were performed. It is this second department that is presented in the REVENKO BAND album "FLIGHT TO THE HISTORY" (Live). Alexei Revenko is known in instrumental art as an improviser and a constant experimenter in harmonies and arrangements. In his team, he collects the best instrumentalists. This album is marked by the fact that in addition to the mainstream musicians, well-known violin virtuoso Sergei Okhrimchuk ("Expedition to himself", "Dinner with Bedouins") and the equally famous and distinctive percussionist Andrei Moroz played in it.


2.Irish Marriage

3.Blue Sky

4.The battle

5.A Journey info Oneself

6.Bedouin's Supper


8.Travel to Las Palmas

9.Flying to the History


11.Unexpected Acquaintance


2005 - Apogee of the Soul


"REVENKO BAND" are neo-romanticists and neoclassicists. The combination of guitar, violin, cello and flute of this collective causes a feeling of inexplicable nostalgia for something beautiful, lost in the depths of the subconscious. Many people consider the music "REVENKO BAND" to be a touching light luminous, capable of healing the souls of people. It does not destroy the inner world of man, it seems to create all conditions for this inner world to be as kind and harmonious as possible. In the new album "Apogee of the Soul" ("Apogee of the Soul") you can hear both new works performed by the band and solo guitar compositions by Alexei Revenko. According to experts, this album is the best for the team.

1. Harmony.

2. The dance of the wind.


4. The battle (live).

5. The equilibrium.

6. Apogee of the soul.

7. Blowing Kiss.

8. Enigma.

9. Flight to the History (live).

10. Felicity.

11.The Ludovic XIV Palace.

12. The Dream.

13. Unexpected Acquaintance.

14. The autumnal.




The album of the group "REVENKO MUSIC" "FELICITY" ("Bliss") was first published in 2003. It includes 12 works by composer Alexei Revenko. It was after the release of this album that musicians began to be called neo-romanticists, neo-classics. And soon the mass media could characterize REVENKO MUSIC with a certain style - acoustic neo-classic, post-industrial romanticism. Until now, the collective is the only one in Ukraine and Russia, which plays in this delicate, delicate and delicate style. They play the violin and cello with each other and hold the guitar together, like lovers. The melody is unhurried, like a Christmas snow over the city, and warm, like a fire, warming the chilled souls and hands by the fireplace, is shaped into a slightly melancholic, cozy-family mood. The compositions most resemble elegant stylizations to musical pieces of the "gallant" age. "Magic", "Unexpected acquaintance" or "Prague. Old Town "- like the slyly smiling, unpretentious, unhurried by the ear of Haydn, the" Irish Wedding "unmistakably recognizes the melodies and rhythms of Irish folk dances. However, that's the essence of musical magic, that with seeming similarity, Revenko's music is absolutely not secondary. Revenko does not imitate, but as if playing notes with the ease of being truly Mozart.

1. Bliss.

2. Irish wedding.

3. Waltz.

4.Prague (Old Town).

5.Travel to Las Palmas.

6. The last fairy tale.

7. The Gulf Stream.


9. Arabella.

10. The blue sky.

11. Unexpected acquaintance.

12. Magic.

2015 - Mechanisms


"Mechanisms" - a large and deep in content canvas. The album touches on the most pressing problems of modern society. Schemes of the world structure are reflected in biting poetry and imaginative heavy music. In the album there is a story line and drama. The concepts of competition, the meaning of war, global games are deeply revealed. The author shows the vector of the direction of development of society for the coming decades and various kinds of manipulation of people and entire generations. The album will appeal to lovers of heavy music and philosophical rock.



3.Spambo All

4. New cool

5. People

6. True

7.Change this world

8.Dobav still fire

9. Mechanisms


11. Urah !!!

2012 - Amazing colors


"Amazing colors" - an album consisting of songs written at different times and different in meaning. Here you can hear old lyrical songs, such as "Insomnia", "Balance", "It's raining outside" re-arranged and submitted from another angle in the style of urban romance. The style of this album is exactly that. Even philosophical works, such as "Faith", "Deputies", conquered numerous halls, are presented in an easy form. The whole album is easy to read. It will be to the liking of fans of semantic, not aggressive music.

1.The fate of another will not be

2. The Vorons

3. Amazing colors


5. The Faith

6. It's raining in the yard

7. Bessonnitsa

8. Love

9. The equilibrium

10. My Dnepr


2011 - Call


"I draw a world without shards of evil with ashes at the dawn of dead ideas". So begins a new album of the notorious band Revenko Band, a band so diverse and extraordinary that one can not even say in which direction the musicians work. Alexei Revenko, the permanent leader of the group, knows how to collect around himself the most talented musicians, to light them and to reveal the depth of their musical talent in an absolutely inexplicable way. Unusual charisma is inherent not only to Alexei himself, but also to his works. Will it be a symbiosis of jazz and world music or rock under the classical cello; an acoustic program that claims to be a track in the history of music, or a tune that heals the souls of the suffering, is always extraordinary and memorable. In the very near future will be presented a new album of rock band Revenko Band, which is called "Challenge." Is not it, just with the implication? We daily challenge ourselves, others, fate. Overcoming obstacles, achieving the goal. What is the challenge of Alexei Revenko? You have made a challenge to an all-powerful destiny. You are possessed by the desire for honest victories. You hate lies, and in this hatred your time perishes. A strong personality can not remain indifferent to what is happening around: in the world, the country, the native city. Worrying for the fate of the Slavs, and, in general, people, Alexei invites all to think about many processes, beginning with the ancient history of mankind, ending with what is happening in our time, urging us to awaken from a sweet dream. And the awakening will be easier the sooner we think about the cause-and-effect relations. The challenge of Alexei Revenko is a challenge to the existing system, an amorphous society; The challenge to the settled, muddled consciousness of modern man; a challenge to oneself. One to stand on the battlefield is another challenge! And he did it! The album is permeated with inner freedom, which can not be obtained as an inheritance or a gift, it can be acquired only by understanding how the world works; finding himself, realizing its purpose. But this is not enough if the life position is not formed. It's safe to say that Alexei Revenko clearly knows what he's fighting for, why he lives, and what his mission is to sinful land. Finally, one album combines both high-quality text and high-quality music, and it can not be said that at least one of the compositions is similar to the previous one. Each listener will find in the album a composition for himself. Definitely, you can listen to it at home, and on the road, and on large rock areas. The texts make you think about what is happening around, the high-quality musical component shakes, instills confidence in your strengths, and Alexei's own energy prompts for action. Anna Kolko



3.On the stolen money

4.Of freedom

5. The War of Two Systems



8. The Happy World

9. Not applicable

10. The second derivative of sausage

11. To the arrows

2010 - My country does not need a culture


"My country does not need culture" - an old album, with songs from which I ran a multitude of cities. Also published a self-titled collection of songs and poems, where not 11 songs, as in the album, but more. Sometimes, they blamed me, they say, for propaganda of the fall. How can this be so? The country does not need a culture? I explained: "PEOPLE certainly need and COUNTRY - no." And now many years have passed since I ironically voiced this problem, but NOTHING CHANGED: honesty is a bluff, around - a shed, I prefer to depict sucks, a habit has developed that the ceiling should be low. Growth is not up, but somewhere in the abyss. Probably, this album is about it, it's out-of-date, unfashionable, not bravura, but I'm proud that once it was sculpted. And I am confident that the time will come when the COUNTRY will develop its CULTURE.

1. Chu chu chu or boy type in business.

2. The Lone Hero

3. Offspring and nobility

4. Fate


6. Masters of Conversational Genre

7. My country does not need culture

8. In the Fire of the Fatherland

9. The Candle

2007 - The spirit of time


We offer you the project REVENKO and BUDCHENKO with the album "The Spirit of Time". This album is a symbiosis of the ideas of rock, honest music and the western approach to sound design and composerism in general. Album "Spirit of Time" is made based on the latest recording trends, when the main thing in the content is not the song form, but the unique sound. Texts of compositions clearly characterize the spirit of our time and simultaneously complement the music, bringing to the unique sound the idea of ​​the Slavic soul. The album was born as a result of the creative union of the composer, the poet Alexei Revenko and the composer, arranger Vladimir Budchenko. Alexei Revenko is known as an instrumentalist who released three solo albums and created the project: "Instrumental versions of songs by DDT". Vladimir Budchenko is known for a unique and exclusive approach to sound and arrangements, and is the author of music hits of many popular Ukrainian performers. In the near future, the release of the second album by REVENKO and BUDCHENKO is expected in a slightly different style, which can be described as ethno-grunge.

1.Of freedom.



4. A happy world.

5. I can not.

6. The Spirit of Time.

7.Spasite homeland.

8.I am sure.

9. I paint the world.



2005 - Not destroyed


The album "NOT DESTROYED" is a continuation of the traditions of Russian rock. Today it is not easy to find a person who has not been destroyed by "circumstances", cheap and unclean temptations, globalization, the pursuit of money at any cost. Children do not know their history and culture, but they are equal to the names of scam-consumers who are constantly on hearing. The media is stuffed into such a thing that a reasonable person can not get it on his head. But after all, the calculation goes to the fact that every year reasonable will be less and less. For those who understand this, the theme of the album will be close in spirit. For those who do not understand, there is a chance to wake up and see the truth as it really is: "heroes in suits, similar to men", "infected with evil king", "around the grave of living people." And to see the truth - at least not ashamed. In this album, many of Alexei Revenko's texts are hard, frontal, sometimes even carrying calls: "open yourself the desire not to be a pawn in the game of kings", "you believe, it is very expensive to deceive yourself." Revenko's work is strictly divided into song and instrumental. "Not Destroyed" is one of four song albums, which touches upon the problems of the modern world, in particular, the Slavic peoples, their spiritual development and upbringing. The album was recorded in 2005.

1.You paint something that is not there

2. Not destroyed


4. Heroes in suits

5.All on the building

6.Mirror Lock

7. Exclaim the fatherland

8. In the blue sky ...

9. You believe

2002 - Shards of truth


Alexei Revenko's album "Shards of Truth" consists of 18 songs of the famous Kiev author-performer. It included the best songs written between 1991 and 2002. Here you can hear and rock-acoustic, and romanticism, and philosophical understanding of life. Lyrical songs of Alexei Revenko, such as "Beauty should not die", "Balance", "Leave", "Goes off cigarette butts", "It's raining outside" accompanied by a cello. Some songs from this album can be characterized as social: "All is right", "Napoi me", "Give me a minute". The author tries to draw the attention of the listener to the imperfect world in which we live, and in which not always just society we have to assert our rights. In the opinion of the author, the relevance of the social theme grows with each passing year, because the moral, intellectual and human values ​​in our world are only degrading. Music, alas, including.


2.All right.

3. Give me a minute.

4.Feature Spring.

5.Napoy me.

6. Look around.

7. Beauty should not die.

8. Song about the holy.

9. The equilibrium.

10. Dispersed life.

11. It's raining in the yard.

12. Holiday days.

13. There are fewer flags.

14. To leave.

15.Our mask.

16. Go out of cigarette butts lights.

17. There will be no other fate.

18.On the yard it's raining (Bonus)